Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The reviews are coming in

The documentary is starting to make the rounds of people outside of West Michigan and the response so far has been very positive.

"This is so inspirational. Very well done. You've captured with video what is so difficult to capture with words. I'm brought back to my first RTC in '03 and why I'm with this program. Thanks for doing this. Very nice. Great work."
-Tim St. Clair, JDRF Ride National Head Coach

"That was absolutely unbelievable and I've already watched it three times. I'm still blown away by how you were able to capture the "goose bump" effect on video. Amazing job, just amazing."
- Alyson Levine, Development Coordinator, JDRF Ride Department

We also just got a nice write-up in the media arts industry magazine Michigan Vue. Check out the May/June 2009 issue and the "Behind the Scenes" section.

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