Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Three days in a row

I got some miles in over the weekend. On Friday morning I did a short mountain bike ride on the Rogue River Trail near our house. Only six miles, but the first time I've been on that bike in awhile.

Part of the team, somewhere near Saugatuck.
Mary and I traded cars for the weekend, so I needed to get her delivery van to the cake shop on Saturday. So in the morning I delivered the van and then rode home. In the afternoon I rode to the shop to pick up the van, stopping at the Grand Rapids Jazz Fest along the way. 24 miles in total for the two rides.

Sunday was the annual Tour de Taco team ride in Holland. We did two loops from Holland down through Saugatuck and back. The first loop was 31 miles. I felt pretty good, even pulling the group a few times. The second loop was 26 miles and I started to feel the accumulated effort of the weekend. I hit the wall about 45 miles into the ride. At 57 miles this was my longest ride of the year. I've been doing several 20-30 mile rides, but nothing much longer, so my stamina wasn't where I'd like it to be. Still I was able to finish strong and the next half-century ride will be much better.

11 weeks until we ride in Santa Fe. Have you made your donation yet?