Thursday, June 30, 2016

Will Ride for Food

Recently our cycling has seemed to revolve around eating. It all started last Monday. I asked Mary if she wanted to go for a ride after work. She said she was tired and didn't want to go. I told her we could ride to Rockford and stop at the Corner Bar for hot dogs. She agreed, so we got in 20 miles and two bacon cheddar dogs each.

Two days later was our Wine Wednesday ride. We do a few of these every year. It's a very social event. 15-ish miles of riding, then wine and snacks on our patio. This week there were five of us that rode 17 miles and six of us that drank wine. 

Sunday morning there was supposed to be a team ride. 20 people showed up, but so did the rain. And not one of those light summer rains. This was one that showed yellow and red on everyone's phone weather app. We bagged the team ride and of course the weather turned beautiful later that day. Mary and I decided to ride into Grand Rapids to Mitten Brewing and have pizza and beer for dinner. A very easy 20 miles and great pizza.

We've gotten one ride in so far this week. No food was involved.

Saturday, June 11, 2016

3rd Coast Cycles Shop Ride

Mary and I need to get a tune-up and some other work done on our bikes. So I brought them in to our favorite bike shop - 3rd Coast Cycles in Hudsonville. The shop does a ride every Saturday morning at 8:00 a.m. While that's a little earlier than I like to ride, by getting an early start I was able to get a ride in and get the bikes in and get a bunch of yard work done. All that led to a wonderful nap later in the afternoon.

The ride itself was pretty nice. 25 miles heading south of Hudsonville towards Jamestown. A fair amount of climbing with a small (only 9) but very peppy group. That gives me 215 miles for the season. A little on the light side, but with work and travel I haven't had a lot of opportunity to get on the bike. That should change in the next couple of months.