Thursday, April 25, 2019

First Ride with Mary

Mary on the unintentional river crossing.
Monday was the first ride of the year for Mary and I as a duo. We took the White Pine Trail north, all the way to 13 Mile Road and back. That's a 17 mile round trip. The weather was beautiful again. It feels great to be riding when it's sunny and warm. We both realized that we don't have our riding legs yet. But that's why we are training.

On the day before we went hiking instead of riding. There is a nice set of trails at Lamerouex Park, along the Grand River. In a couple of places there was river where the trail should be. On more than one occasion we had to get creative in order to continue the hike and not backtrack. We even did a little bridge building. The total hike was 3.3 miles. I guess we should have gone for a swim on Tuesday to complete the triathlon.

I also did a solo mountain bike ride on Wednesday on the Rouge River Nature Trail. It's the closest trail to home so I can ride my bike there. A little bit over 4 miles on that route.