Monday, March 16, 2015

Start of the Season

Apparently I haven't posted to this blog in 3 months. That changes today - for today I rode outside for the first time this year. The temperature topped 60 degrees and I got out for a 15 mile ride on the White Pine Trail. I have ridden the trainer a few times over the winter, but I hate it and don't do it very frequently. So it was great to get outdoors and get some real riding in. However I could tell that it has been a long winter and my cycling fitness is very low. But that will improve as the weather does. Of course we live in Michigan so we could have a blizzard in the next 24 hours.

Check out the Training Tracker over on the left. I will update this as the season goes along as I train for the JDRF ride in LaCrosse, Wisconsin. This year our West Michigan team is headed for the western edge of Wisconsin in August. The ride will be 100 miles, travel through three states and cross the mighty Mississippi River twice. Not exactly Death Valley like conditions, but anyone who has ever spent August in the Midwest knows that the humidity can be stifling.Which would you rather ride in - 100 degrees with 10% humidity or 85 degrees with 85% humidity? A new challenge for a new ride season.