Sunday, September 15, 2013

Goal almost met

After last week's big miles this week was a bit of a letdown. Because of a combination of work and weather none of us did any riding. However it was a great week. Tom and Ian both hit their goal of $3,000 and Mary is only $36 away from her goal. She should get that last donation in the next couple of days. (Hint, hint) It is a good feeling knowing that we have met our financial goal and can just concentrate on riding this Saturday. That's right, all the training and fund raising has been leading up to Saturday. We leave for Nashville early Thursday morning. Friday we have meetings, a training ride and a little free time. Then Saturday morning the ride starts. 100 miles and over 4,000 feet of climbing. Then we drive home on Sunday. It's going to be tough trying to concentrate on work for the next three days. I am really looking forward to this year's ride and getting a little bit closer to finding a cure for diabetes.

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