Saturday, May 1, 2010

Friday Ride

Several of my JDRF ride buddies decided to take yesterday off from work and do a century ride. Cindy, Linda TP, Brenda and Trike Mike (on a two wheel bike) started on the Musketawa Trail at 7:00 a.m. New rider Kisten joined them for that leg of the ride. Kirsten turned around when the group headed down 6 Mile bound for the White Pine Trail. I joined the group near Belmont, when they already had over 35 miles under the tires. We rode the WPT almost all the way to Sand Lake before turning around. There was a bit of a head wind to fight and since I wasn't going the full 100 with them I was elected to ride the lead as a wind block. I was only too happy to oblige.
We stopped at the Corner Bar in Rockford for lunch. After a lovely, quick meal it was back on the bikes for just a few more miles for me. The Fearsome Foursome however had to ride all the back to Marne. They did end up completing their century and I finished with 40 miles. This is the only group I know of that would call me a slacker for riding only 40 miles. :)

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