Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A new loop

I had a great ride at lunch today. Started by going west on Rogue River Drive to Post Road. It's a nice mile long climb up Post to where you cross over the highway. Then north on Pine Island for a short way to House St. That road is like a roller coaster, lots of rolling hills. Then west on 10 Mile for just a little bit to Jewel. North there until it makes a turn and becomes 11 Mile which also makes a big turn and becomes Edgerton. I turned east on 13 Mile and took that to the White Pine Trail which brought me home. Just a shade over 20 miles in length with an average speed of 16 miles an hour.
There was very little traffic and I only saw 4 other bicyclists on the whole route. Of course the fact that it looked like it was going to storm at any second probably kept people inside. I did get sprinkled on a couple of times, which felt good as I was dealing with 94% humidity.

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