Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Happy Cinco De Mayo

I've gotten two rides in already this week. Sunday evening I took the White Pine Trail south to the ballpark. In a couple of places the river had encroached upon the trail. In one spot the water was deep enough that my shoes got wet on the down stroke. It was a nice easy 15 mile ride. Yesterday was a different story. Only 10 miles, but all hills and sprints. We have quite a few good sized hills where we live. A couple years ago I mapped out a 10 mile route that incorporated five climbs of various lengths and grades. You were either going up hill or down hill, there was very little flat terrain. Yesterday I modified the route a little, dropping one of the hills but adding some sprints. It was a good work out.
Today Mary and I are celebrating Cinco De Mayo by taking the day off and enjoying the sunshine. Back on the bike tomorrow.

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