Sunday, June 10, 2012

Summer cycling means ice cream

It was pretty hot today but that didn't stop Mary, Ian and me from going out for a ride. However, with temperatures approaching 90 degrees we decided to ride smart. We picked a route that had no hills and the opportunity for a refreshment stop at the midway point. We traveled north along the White Pine Trail to Sand Lake. It's just short of 19 miles from our house. Our average speed was under 14 miles an hour, probably due to the heat and the almost indiscernible rise in the trail when riding north. When we got to Sand Lake we stopped at Rosie's for ice cream flurries. That's a great treat for a hot day, even if we weren't riding. When we finished the ice cream we headed south. We now had the slight decline of the trail and a fired up Ian. He pulled almost the entire way home at speeds of 18 to 22 mph. It was great fun as we kept our three person pace line together the entire way. Ian is becoming a very strong rider. He also just celebrated his 17th birthday on Friday. I can see him hanging with the elite riders on our team in very short time.

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