Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Second team ride of the season

The ride from Ada Park on Sunday was the flat route out to Saranac and back. There was an optional hill climb on the way back if one so desired. I did not desire. We had 27 people from the West Michigan Ride for a Cure team there. The three of us on Team Scheidel really spread out across the course. Ian and I took off with the lead pack. I stayed with them for a little over 8 miles before I got dropped. Ian kept the pace for about 25 miles. I guess we've reached that point where the son is faster then the dad. Of course, when it comes to my speed on a bicycle beating me is not that great of an accomplishment. The large group was spread out all over the route. Mary was between the middle and rear having a great time talking to team mate LTP through most of the ride. Because we all turned around at different points we all ended up with different mileage totals. Ian was our champ with 29 miles, I had 27 miles and Mary completed 25 miles.

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