Sunday, May 20, 2012

A good week

I'm starting to get into my riding groove. I did three rides this week. 16 miles on my own on Monday night. 16 miles with Mary on Friday night. And a 23 mile team ride today. That gives me 55 miles for the week. Not fantastic but pretty good a week before Memorial Day.

On Friday Mary and I rode on the White Pine Trail from our house down to Comstock Park and back. Our plan was to stop at Vitalie's and have a beverage in their open deck area, but that was full. So we came home and had a steak dinner and red wine on our own patio instead. Today we had a team ride that left from Johnson Park. The park is located right along the Grand River situated between southwest Grand Rapids and Grandville. We rode a very nice, rolling loop of 23 miles. A few folks, including Ian, took a little longer route and ended up with 28 miles. The temperature was over 90 degrees when we started, but we had some cloud cover and lots of trees to provide shade along the route. We also had three new team mates along who will be participating in their first JDRF ride this fall.

"10,000" Learn the significance later this week.

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