Monday, August 2, 2010

Team Ride Goodness

Sunday was a beautiful, if warm and muggy, day. We did a team ride starting in Wayland heading out past the Yankee Springs area and then looping back to the start. Sounds easy enough, except several of the roads we're poorly marked and we ended up getting off route quite a bit. Who's kidding who here, we were almost never "on" route except for the first 10 miles and the last 10 miles. In all we rode 52 miles in the rolling hills and chip sealed pavement. This was the first ride in a while that Mary, Ian and I all participated in. It was actually Ian's first ride since the Holland Hundred. He's been busy with Band Camp and Soccer Camp since then. For me the first 10 miles were a little rough, still feeling the effects of my crash earlier in the week. But once I got warmed up everything was fine. That ride gave me just over 100 miles total for this week.

10 weeks until we saddle up in Death Valley.

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