Sunday, August 22, 2010

An average week

Not a big mileage week, only a shade over 50 miles. I rode to the Whitecaps ballpark and back on Thursday afternoon. Today Mary, Ian and I rode out to my sister's house in Nunica for a family get together. Just a little 37 mile, fairly flat ride.
The impressive thing that happened over the weekend was my 17 year old nephew Michael completing the ODRAM (One Day ride Across Michigan) yesterday. He just got a road bike from VeloCity this summer and had a total of 300 miles on it before Saturday. Yesterday he rode 150 miles! Wow. Congratulations Michael and welcome to the ranks of the crazies.

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Kirsten said...

Michael is a super nice guy, too. What a motivated, mature "kid." I expect to see big things from him.