Thursday, July 1, 2010

Thursday's the night

This is the third Thursday evening in a row that I've been out for a ride. And the third Thursday in a row that it's been glorious. Maybe there is just something about Thursday evening. Tonight I rode toward the JDRF office as Mary was riding her bike home from there. We met up on Grand River Avenue. Rather than just turning around (for me, Mary could have kept going straight) we decided to tool around the new little park on Grand River. There is an extensive paved nature trail that we zipped along on. We also climbed to the top of an old silo that has been converted into a lookout tower. We then headed home via the curvy, relatively quiet street. We eventually merged onto Northland Drive, right near Plainfield. That last mile before we turned into our neighborhood was a bit harrowing. Cars going too fast and getting too close. But we survived and I logged just over 20 miles.
One small technical issue. At one point as I was riding down Pettis my bike computer suddenly said I was doing 0.0 miles per hour. I was pretty sure I was going quite a bit faster than that. A quick check of the hardware revealed that the sensor on my front wheel had come loose and slid out of position. A quick re-tightening and I was once again blazing along.

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