Thursday, July 15, 2010

There's Something About Thursday

Tonight was another great Thursday night ride. It seems like all summer long, every Thursday evening ride has been excellent and memorable. Tonight was no exception. Tom Miller and I left the road bikes in the garage and headed to Luton Park near Rockford for some trail riding. Today was a hot, humid and cloudy day in west Michigan. But at about 5:00 a breeze came up, blew away the clouds and dropped the humidity. This provided for excellent riding conditions. Apparently several other people thought so as well. The parking area at Luton was packed. Tom and I did the main Blue loop twice, the easy Green loop once, the significantly harder Orange loop once and the crazy Black loop once. In total we road about 8 fun filled miles.
I've ridden my road bike past Luton Park several times, always thinking that I should come back on my ancient mountain bike and give the trails a try. Seriously, I have a Raliegh M50. It's the biggest mountain bike Raliegh made, it has no suspension and it's at least 20 years old. And I had a blast riding it. Although I have to admit, every time I ride the Raliegh I really appreciate how smooth my Cannondale is.

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