Tuesday, April 21, 2009

What a week!

This past week had so much going on that it has taken until today to write a recap.
Let's start with the riding. I rode 13 miles by myself on Wednesday. Took the White Pine Trail south, going completely around the ballpark using the new Comstock Park spur. On Friday Mary and I rode about 15 miles, taking the WPT north to Rockford and back, including the Childsdale hill on the return. Sunday was a 29 mile team ride in Grandville. It was cold and wet, but we had 25 team members there, so it was great.
From the movie standpoint everything went very well. On Wednesday I was on the WGVU Morning Show promoting our premiere. Thursday night was the world premiere at Celebration Cinemas. The dapper dude in the photo is what I look like when I dress as "The Director". We had almost 200 people attend the premiere and over half of those showed up to Boston's for the after party. Our initial showing of the documentary was a huge success. Now we are sending it out to other JDRF folks and entering it in film festivals. As we get dates for other showings I'll post them here.
Finally, I've added a new widget to the left side bar, it's my Training Tracker. This will update frequently with the amount of miles I've ridden this season. Even though 116 doesn't sound like a lot I feel that I'm ahead of where I was last year at this time. Which is good, since this year's ride is seven weeks earlier.
Hope you had a great week, too. Ride On!

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