Thursday, April 16, 2009

Tonight's the Night

I know that's the title to a Rod Stewart song, but I'm thinking of the premiere of our movie. Tonight at 7:00 p.m. at Celebration Cinemas North in Grand Rapids we will show the documentary for the first time. I'm a little excited about this. I've worked on this film for over a year, so it's very hard for me to be objective. I vacillate between loving it and hating it. The few people who have seen it so far have really liked it, but seeing your work on the big screen with a theatre full of people is a bit nerve wracking.
I'm fortunate to have worked with a great crew of people on this film. I'm not going to try and mention everyone here (you can see their names in the credits tonight) but a few people's contributions really stand out. First, Todd Herring who wrote a couple of awesome songs for the film. He also lined up some great area musicians to perform, including Karisa Wilson. Second, Karen Kleinheksel did a phenomenal job editing the documentary. We spent many hours over the winter going through the hours of footage to come up with the final edit. Karen also created all the graphics in the film. And, as they say, last but not least, my wife Mary. She has put up with being my private focus group. I've run many things past her, more than she probably wanted, but she always appeared to enjoy it.
Thanks to everyone who participated in the making of "More Than 100 Miles", especially all the members of the West Michigan Ride Team. Without you, there would be no movie.

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