Sunday, January 4, 2009

Welcome to 2009

Mary used some of her Christmas money to buy a trainer from VeloCity in Holland. She bought it yesterday and I set it up in the basement today. Her goal is to ride 745 miles on the trainer this winter. That is the distance between our house and Killington, Vermont. Then once the weather gets nice she plans on riding 745 miles outdoors. In other words, to Killington and back before we ever get there for the actual ride. Mike Clark talked to her about watching these real cool race DVD's while she trained. Mary commented that she'd probably be watching "The Sound of Music". I personally rode for 15 minutes at the gym on Saturday morning. Yuck.
Good luck to Mary, the trainer is not my idea of a good time.


jenn said...

745 miles??????!!!!!!!!!! good luck :)

Lee said...

Good luck with the training!! My wife and I completed our first Ride to Cure in Death Valley last year and plan on doing Killington as well. Also, we loved your team jerseys you wore for the training ride!!

Tom and Mary Scheidel said...


What chapter were you in DV with? Thanks for the kudos on our jerseys, Pancreas Pink.


Lee said...

Wisconsin (black t-shirts). NE Wisconsin to be specific.

Our first group training session for 2009 is this Sunday and my wife and I are going to try to convince the rest of our team members to get our own jerseys this year. We will never have the number of riders your chapter has (NE Wisconson) but we are hoping for 20 this year.

Sue said...

good luck!