Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Labor Day Ride Weekend

Part of the West Michigan Team rolling through Hudsonville.
Three days, three rides. While I didn't necessarily get a lot of miles in over the long holiday weekend I did ride three times. On Saturday we had a team ride in Hudsonville. Because of the holiday we only had 10 people show up for the ride. Most of the group did the 32 mile loop. Two of us took the shorter option of 25 miles. However the shortcut also had the biggest hill on the route. So we had that going for us.

Mary and I went down to the Hayes cottage on Paw Paw Lake on Saturday evening to spend the rest of the weekend. Instead of doing just one 30+ mile ride like we usually do down there, we opted to do a shorter ride both Sunday and Monday. On Monday we started around the lake in a counterclockwise direction, then rode past Little Paw Paw Lake before heading farther west toward the big lake.We rode back through Coloma and finished with an easy 17 miles.

On Monday we rode clockwise around the lake, taking side trips down lots of dead-end roads to check out some very nice cottages. It was a very leisurely ride and we ended up with 13 pleasant miles. The weather on all three days was absolutely perfect for bicycling. Warm, but not hot temperatures, sunny skies, and very little wind. In all I rode 55 miles over the weekend. We also did some boating and had some great food and drink. Another successful summer holiday.

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