Wednesday, October 1, 2014

A 100 mile week

According to Map My Ride I rode 100 miles last week. That's right where I need to be at this point in my training. I rode three times last week. I already wrote about the first two rides in my most recent post. Saturday I took part in the Cog to the Fly ride. It's a 14 mile ride from Brewery Vivant (a red rooster for a logo) in Grand Rapids to Rockford Brewing (a fishing fly logo). I started by riding from our house to Brewery Vivant. Before the official ride start we had Vivant's version of the offical beer of the ride. About 150 cyclists on a great variety of bikes headed through downtown GR and up the White Pine Trail to Rockford. Once at their beer tent we had RBC's version of the official beer. I then rode home for a total of 31 miles and a very happy belly.

Today I took a quick after work ride of 17 miles. It's getting more difficult to get those types of rides in. The sun sets about 7:30 which only gives me about an hour and a half of cycling time. That means we need to do longer rides on the weekends. But I do have almost 1,200 miles in so far this year and only two and a half weeks until the Death Valley ride, so a few less riding opportunities shouldn't be a big deal.

Finally, we got some good news this week. We are almost at our team goal. Mary, Ian and I each have personal fundraising goals of $4,000. That makes $12,000 for the family. As of today I am at $4,009. Mary is at $3,759 and Ian is at$3,848. That means we only need $393 to make the goal. You can help us reach that by clicking on Mary or Ian's name on the left side of this page.

17 days until we ride in Death Valley.

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