Wednesday, November 24, 2010

More Thanks

Back in August we posted a list of all the people who had donated to Team Scheidel. Since then we have had many more contributors. At this time we'd like to thank those people.

Karen Kleinheksel
Jim Rueter
Linda Milanowski (and thanks for letting Ian use Don's bike)
Christine Behrens
P Guimond
Sylvia Veal
Rip and Sonia Singh
Robin Duvall
Chuck and Rose Weiten
Tom and Florence Scheidel
Roy Dodman
Tom and Kim Vogel
Doug Gerowski
Tim Sundt
Michelle Yamazaki
Kathy Magnuson
Bruce Oman
Wendi Lewis
David Pasciak
Tim Jackson
Katie Clark
Liz Wright

Special thanks also to Third Coast Cycling, Macatawa Cycling Club, VanAndel Arena, Peggy Essenberg, and the Corner Bar. The 2010 JDRF Ride to Cure Diabetes raised over $4,000,000. The West Michigan Team contributed $186,000 of that. Thanks again to everyone who helped make this year a great success.

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