Sunday, September 26, 2010

Apple Cider Century 2010

What a great day to ride. It was a cool, partly sunny, typical Michigan autumn day. The route was a little breezy, a little hilly and very different than previous years. The Apple Cider Century starts in Three Oaks near the Michigan/Indiana border. Normally we head north, skirt the shore of Lake Michigan and then do the last third of the ride through Indiana. This year we started by going south and almost 60 miles were in the Hoosier state. No big lake views at all this year. And quite a few more hills than any of us remember. This was our sixth ACC and we had a great time. We saw and/or rode with several of our JDRF team mates. Normally we ride with our friends the Hayes from Chicago, but they had other plans with their daughter so it was Team Scheidel on the road. We ended up being the last of the large JDRF group to roll in. But when we did roll in, just under 10 hours from when we started, we had completed the full 100 mile century. It was Ian's first century ride. He is now officially ready to go tackle the century in Death Valley in just under three weeks.

We'll post some pictures later on this week. Good job Ian. Great training and great ride today.

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