Saturday, June 5, 2010

100 Grand

Our friends from Chicago, Elvin and his son Eddie, joined Ian and I for the Rapid Wheelman's 100 Grand Ride today. The ride leaves from the west side of Grand Rapids and travels in a big loop out into Ottawa County. We all did the 65 mile loop, which was actually closer to 67, but who's counting. The route was wonderful, taking us through the little hamlets of Lamont and Conklin. [Unfortunately Fenien's Irish Pub doesn't open until noon and we went by there at about 10:30.] At the 45 mile rest stop they were serving pulled pork sandwiches along with the usual ride goodies like bananas, chips and gorp. There was also a bluegrass trio playing live music for us. That was very nice. Ian did great, this was his longest ride ever. Up until today the most he'd ever done was 29 miles at our first team ride. He did hit a little bit of a wall at 50 miles, but he pushed through and finished the ride. So three months after starting training he's completed his first metric century. The kid is tough and he doesn't turn 15 until Tuesday.

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