Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Welcome to April

The weather has now turned more traditional April-ish (50s and rain) but the first few days were beautiful. I got some miles in and also got a bike for Ian. Well, it's just a loaner from Coach Mike until May, but it will help him get used to riding a road bike. By the way Mike, thanks for loaning him a bike that puts mine to shame. You are spoiling my kid!

We got Ian all kitted up; new bike shorts, a 2005 vintage red and yellow JDRF jersey,matching socks, my old Shimano shoes and some cool shades. With his red helmet he looked great on the orange, red and yellow Cannondale from Mike. We rode 16 miles on the White Pine Trail. I wanted a nice easy ride for his first time on a road bike. Ian couldn't get over how easy it was to pedal and how responsive the handling was. Way different than his too small hand-me-down mountain bike. He will be looking good for our first team ride this Sunday. By the way, if you'd like to donate to the little guy click on the link to the left or right here.

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