Friday, October 30, 2009

A rare ride

It has been tough getting out to ride this October. We've had lots of rain. And when it hasn't rained I've had to rake leaves. We have lots of trees at our house and they drop lots of leaves. I once read that a mature Maple tree has 250,000 leaves. Of the 30+ trees on our lot, nine of them are Maple trees. So I get to rake a lot. But Wednesday was a beautiful sunny day so I jumped on my bike at lunch time and rode a quick 16 miles. I traveled north on the White Pine Trail through Rockford and then returned home. I rolled over many crunchy leaves as I dodged a plethora of walkers. Question: Why don't walkers feel the need to follow the same trail etiquette at cyclists? Regardless it was a great ride and it felt wonderful to be outside on my bike again.

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