Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Just riding

We've been putting in a lot of 20ish mile rides lately. Last Thursday Mary and I went riding with Linda Poeder from our team. We went around the west side of Grand Rapids. Leaving from John Ball Park, riding over to Millennium Park and then to Johnson Park, more or less following Kent Trails. I say more or less because a large portion of the trail is being resurfaced. In fact many of the trails around Millennium Park look brand new.

Tonight we rode up to Rockford and past the Blues on the River show. That was a bit of a mistake, since we weren't going to the show. So we spent a lot of time avoiding the throngs of people on the White Pine Trail. On the way back we completely skirted the concert area.

Last Saturday marked the 6 week point until the ride. Need to put in more miles and raise more money with only a month and a half to get it done.

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