Thursday, February 19, 2009

Big announcement coming soon

We have been diligently working on the film over the last couple of weeks and now have a rough cut of the full movie. The next step is to add in narration, music, sound effects, graphics and all the stuff that makes it pretty. This is a very time consuming process but the finished film is going to look fantastic.
Before we get to the big announcement we have a small, but exciting announcement. Todd Herring of Craic Wisely will be composing some original music for the documentary. We're very excited to have someone of Todd's talent working on this project.
The big announcement is going to be the date of the premiere. We are still working out the details but I can tell you that it will be in April at Celebration Cinemas North in Grand Rapids. So watch this space as we hope to have the official announcement within the next week.

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Mitch Kahn said...

Great Trailer!
Great work on a tough medical problem. We too support diabetes research. My dad has it, as did his father before him. My mother-in-law has it.
Your work will go a long way to help many people.
Mitch Kahn